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By the Numbers for DELTA

By The Numbers

DELTA supports technology-based education at NC State. In addition, DELTA provides marketing support for NC State Online programs. DELTA is leading the way in creating extraordinary digital experiences with a focus on quality, support, access, research, and innovation. We also provide marketing and program support for the 120+ online and distance education programs at NC State. The numbers below reflect some of our impacts in 2021-2022.

Help Desk and Training

DELTA operates a learning technology help desk with live assistance for 66 hours each week. Our training team offers a variety of workshops including self-paced, online and in-person, customized as well as individual instructional consultations.

Enterprise Academic Technology

DELTA offers a suite of enterprise-level academic technology tools to support teaching and learning at NC State. These tools include WolfWare, Zoom, Moodle, Panopto, PlayPosit, Top Hat, Gradescope, WordPress, Google Groups and more.

Course Improvement and Development Initiatives

DELTA offers DELTA Grants, Course Quality programs and Faculty Fellows in addition to other initiatives to support faculty in the development and improvement of courses. DELTA instructional and multimedia designers collaborate with faculty to develop and improve online courses, explore innovative instructional media solutions, and redesign large, critical-path courses. These grants also support adding virtual experiences and laboratory accessibility.

Classroom Support

DELTA operates 10 classrooms where classes may be recorded for online and distance education students to watch at their convenience and collaborates with ClassTech to provide classroom capture technology in classrooms across campus.

WolfWare Outreach

The WolfWare Outreach service allows DELTA to provide our academic technology platform to non-credit, fee-based outreach, extension and engagement offerings.

Online and Distance Education

DELTA supports Online and Distance Education programs at NC State by collaborating with DE coordinators, assisting with new programs and providing an inclusive website with program information. The DELTA Test Centers provide remote and in-person testing. DELTA also builds the brand of NC State Online and Distance Education overall and also provides marketing and student recruitment for individual online and distance education programs.

Marketing and Communications

DELTA provides marketing support for NC State Online programs ranging from writing profiles about faculty, alumni and students to executing advertising campaigns that generate inquiries and applications.